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Mission Statement

The BizFed Institute educates, engages, equips and measures consensus solutions from civically minded, nonprofit, academic, and regional thought leaders for the purpose of building strong communities throughout California.



Our VISION is to equip decision makers with comprehensive expertise and resources to impact change to build and sustain strong communities in this new economy.
The Institute was founded as a complement to BizFed and has grown in scope and impact over the last five years.


Unlikely partners from both public and private stakeholders take a fearless approach to mature problem solving by acknowledging that silos don’t work. Age-old obstacles must be addressed by the very sides that hold them dear. And smart thinking alone isn’t enough.


Systematically benchmarking, organizing, and empowering the strongest advocates is essential for adopting better public policy. In a proven way of removing bureaucracy, we get buy in from employers large and small to be the difference in effectiveness.


As a collective, we emphasize economic growth, educational  excellence, and environmental responsibility.



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Guiding Principles

 1. Strength  in Numbers

By bringing together diverse and disparate job creators and civically engaged organizations, large and small, the Institute unites a vast array of leaders comprising the economy of our region, with the objective of realizing and achieving common goals.


 2. Surfacing Regional Issues

A major undertaking of the Institute is to periodically ascertain and evaluate the diverse needs, opinions, aspirations and important issues that are surfacing – and inform business owners, elected decision makers, the media and the public on the findings and results


 3. Defining the Voice of Business

The Institute is committed to working with regional thought leaders, business owners, nonprofit executives, civic ambassadors, academic professionals and policy makers by communicating insights and best practices – thereby providing innovative and useful information to activate, facilitate and advance civic engagement for economic growth and the public good.



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Our Reach

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BizFed Institute seeks to enhance community revitalization, economic development and civic engagement through strengthened organization, information, research and communication.

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