COVID Policies and Protocol *Subject to change

April 8th Pre-Event Checklist

COVID Policies and Protocol *Subject to change (booster requirement could be added)

1. USC Campus Event Protocols:
Attendee Screening & Check in

• All events are required to have a check-in process that includes:

o Confirmation that attendees are not exhibiting any symptoms of
COVID-19 nor are they under isolation or quarantine orders (Trojan
o Gathering of all contact information (email and phone number) of all
attendees for possible contact tracing (see Contact Tracing section for

Events that pre-register or have a defined guest list that
includes contact information (email and phone number) are not
required to re-gather information at check in.
• All attendees should receive messaging prior to the event that includes
qualifiers about the current USC event health and safety regulations.
Trojan Check verification is required for ALL events, whether the audience is
comprised of USC students, faculty, staff, or outside guests, prior to their
entry to the event.- (and continue as a guest).
• For mega events and all indoor events, verification of vaccine or testing
status is required for all guests and program participants. The verification
must include photo identification and either proof of vaccination or they must
attest that they have a medical contraindication or religious objection to
vaccination and as an alternative present a negative COVID-19 test.
• Confirming Trojan Check fulfills the symptom check requirement and verifies
vaccination/testing status for USC students, faculty and staff.
* Note on current campus access and guest check in – The university will be
verifying vaccination or testing status at the perimeter. Guests who verify will
receive a wristband and a day pass sticker. Events do not need to re-verify
their status. Those without a wristband and sticker will need to be verified at
the event. Students, faculty & staff need only show their Trojan Check at the
event registration. (if we send guests to a parking garage on campus, the University will check and
provide day pass. If we send guests to USC Hotel parking garage we will have to verify vaccination status
and trojan check.)

2. COVID Language for Event Registration Landing Page:

“All attendees are required to either be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or attest that they have a
medical contraindication or religious objection to
vaccination and as an alternative present a negative COVID-19 test
collected within 72 hours of the start of [this event]. By attending [the
event], you are attesting that you meet one of these requirements.”
Before you enter the USC campus please:
1. Please complete your daily wellness assessment as a GUEST:
Complete your Daily Wellness Assessment and Visitor Access Form (visit
 Summit attendees must complete a wellness assessment and visitor access form. Complete the
wellness assessment and visitor access form by visiting
ï‚· Print your ‘campus day pass’ or take a screenshot on your mobile device.
2. Proof of vaccination required for all guests and visitors:
Guests and visitors aged 12 and older should be prepared to show proof of vaccination to enter
campus. Either a physical CDC-issued vaccine card, or a digital copy (available from the State of
California here) will be accepted. This proof must be accompanied by a photo ID.
The mandate requires that individuals are fully vaccinated, which means that two weeks must
have passed after the second dose of a two-dose series, or a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
As an alternative, guests or visitors who have a medical or religious objection to obtaining a
COVID-19 vaccination may produce a negative COVID-19 test taken in the past 72 hours,
together with a photo ID.

3. Masks:
Masks at events are now required to be either surgical masks, N95, KN95 or equivalent.
Cloth masks, gaiters, bandanas or non-surgical grade masks are no longer permitted
We will need to provide/purchase surgical masks (this could change by April)

Pre-Event- Event Logistics:
1. Registration (two registrations/or TBD)- No registration fee
a. in-person (are we capping in-person registration at a certain number?)
b. webinar (virtual streaming)- Ashley will set-up webinar registration (500 max)
2. Marketing: (weekly eblast)- Event will be distributed to Price EXED List servs, published on the
University’s Event website and The Price event website & listserv.
Bizfed- Listservs, sponsors, SM, etc…

3. Parking -$14/car (non-hosted). This will need to be communicated on registration page.

4. Venue-USC Hotel Ballroom Booked: Headcount guarantee due to USC Hotel by Friday April 1 st ,
-Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee/Tea/water out all times
-Rounds of 10
5. USC Audio Visual Booked
6. USC Events Permits Done
7. Computer for AV- Ashley will be using her computer for AV. Presenters who have decks can
email Ashley their presentation ahead of event/ and or bring via thumb drive.
8. Who will be MCing the event?
9. Streaming services booked (USC Price Events team)
10. Photographer- Does Bizfed have an in-house photographer? If not, I will ask Price. If Price not
available we will need to book outside vendor.
11. Press/Communications- Will we have someone writing a story/article?
12. Attendee Name Tags with QR Code
-USC is a “paperless (green)” university. Agenda can be pulled up via QR code on name tag/ and
Welcome Poster
13. Presenter/Panelists name tents for podium
14. Welcome Poster (marketing image) with QR code
15. Welcome Image for screen
16. Pop Up Banners- USC Price EXED Forum will have two pop-ups for Stage. BizFed- please bring
17. Who will be emailing panels/presenters logistics, parking, etc. after confirmation?
18. Are we hosting presenters parking?

Day of Event Logistics:
1. Registration – We will need at least four people checking in attendee’s (*Possibly less/more
if we need to check vaccination status).

2. POC for each Panel (Day of event)
3. Ashley is the day of University events contact
4. Walk-up Sign-up Sheet
5. Check- In Signs
6. Who will be managing webinar (zoom) questions? (Let me see if streaming team can do
7. Who will be holding mic for in-person audience questions?
8. Ashley will be in charge of day of time line and making sure we stick to schedule


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