Database Category: Anti-Poverty & Homelessness

Anti-Poverty & Homelessness

Although pregnancy and the first year of life are sensitive windows for child development, we know very little about the lived experiences of mothers living in poverty or near poverty during the perinatal period; specifically, how they perceive and use public resources to support themselves and their newborn.

Poverty remains a fundamental driver of mental and physical health, as well as of other human conditions that matter to those of us in public health.

Recent US Census data reveals a fundamental truth: Congress has the power to make a different choice, to put families and workers first with proven-effective strategies to reduce child poverty and boost incomes for people who work but aren’t paid enough to make ends meet by expanding the Child Tax Credit (CTC) and Earned Income […]

Social workers may play an important role in the implementation of welfare policies targeted at the poor. Their norms, beliefs, and attitudes form local anti-poverty programmes and affect discretionary practices with their clients.

Mobile broadband (MBB) is one of the critical goals in fifth-generation (5G) networks due to rising data demand. MBB provides very high-speed internet access with seamless connections

People experiencing homelessness are vulnerable to disasters and hazards and are at risk for contracting COVID-19

There is a need for positive youth development/strengths-based approaches to support the wellbeing and social inclusion of young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness

Persons experiencing homelessness (PEH) often use hospital Emergency Department (ED) as the only source of healthcare

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