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Business Stability

Demand surges and an extraordinary breakdown in global supply chains are raising the cost of everything from fertilizers to silicon chips. Repairing and restructuring supply chains will take many months and major investments. But companies can use strategic pricing now to manage rising costs, product shortages and severe delays-while maintaining or even expanding margins.

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout-or maybe you should. Millions of dollars’ worth of holiday presents and other goods Americans have ordered are stuck on giant container ships, waiting for a space to unload at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Call it a case of Freight […]

In order to quantify and better understand the impact supply chain incidents have on today’s consumers, Sisu commissioned The Harris Poll to conduct a study of more than 2,000 US adults on Supply Chain Consumer Impact & Sentiment. The results were then explored and analyzed using Sisu’s Decision Intelligence Engine to reveal how supply chain […]

A seemingly endless supply chain crunch has fueled interest in tech that promises to track problems or predict where new ones might occur. THE SUPPLY CHAIN is in chaos-and it’s getting worse. Air freight warehouses at Shanghai Pudong Airport are log-jammed as a result of strict Covid testing protocols imposed on China’s biggest city following […]

Cloud computing is one of the most powerful inventions that has grabbed the curiosity of technologists all around the world. Cloud computing has many advantages, but it also has a slew of security risks that no organization can afford to ignore. For a successful Cloud Computing adoption in a corporation, proper planning and awareness of […]

There is an urgent need in the field of international entrepreneurship to elucidate how SMEs can pursue new opportunities in a digital international business environment. The purpose of this study is to examine, by using effectuation theory, the processes by which retail SMEs develop international e-commerce in foreign markets.

The study seeks to answer the question of what strategic directions and opportunities we have for business in the midst of the info-communication changes of our time. In this research, we compare the results of non-representative primary research (cluster analysis and discriminant analysis) with the factors and latest methods of e-commerce or even mobile commerce […]

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