Database Category: Compounding Hazards & Natural Disasters

Compounding Hazards & Natural Disasters

We use county data from 1980 to 2017 to study the dynamic responses of local economies after natural disasters in the U.S.

The nexus between natural disasters and energy technological innovation is of great importance in the energy technology innovation theory and related literature

Gov. Gavin Newsom claims progress on settling California’s decades-long conflict over water allocation but it’s a partial deal at best. The holy grail of those involved in California’s decades-long political and legal battle over how the state’s water supply should be allocated has been some sort of master agreement.

Still resisting statewide water rationing for parched California, Gov. Gavin Newsom is asking local suppliers to tighten water limits. As a dry summer looms, California Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered water suppliers across California to step up their local drought responses, but fell short of requiring water rationing or setting a statewide conservation target.

The Sierra Nevada hasn’t provided nearly as much water as predicted. Now the state is struggling to overhaul its snow runoff forecasts. Packed onto the slopes of the Sierra Nevada is a precious source of water for California – a frozen reservoir that climate change is already transforming.

The most essential, and possibly the most reliably present, characteristic of all disasters is that they exert strong impact on social relationships.

This study developed a chatbot to improve the efficiency of government activation of mine safety procedures during natural disasters. Taiwan has a comprehensive governmental system dedicated to responding to frequent natural disasters, and the Bureau of Mines has instituted clear procedures to ensure the delivery of disaster alarms and damage reports.

Lifeline disruptions can represent a serious economic threat at various scales. However, firm-level empirical evidence regarding the consequences and reliability of lifeline services, and how lifeline service disruptions impact on economic losses after disasters, is still lacking.

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