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Since the COVID-19 outbreak was declared as a global health emergency, the use of multiple types of plastic-based PPEs as a measure to reduce the infection increased tremendously.

No amount of crystal ball gazing may help us fathom the full impact of the Covid-19 (C-19) crisis on business organizations in a distinct manner. Given the lack of precedence, any such analyses seem to demand routine revisions as we progress further up the “number of infected” curve.

This year (2021) marks the thirtieth year of the establishment of the International Business Review. This anniversary provides an appropriate occasion not only to reflect on past developments in the global economy and International Business (IB) research, but also to offer our thoughts on the new realities that we believe IB scholars should address in […]

The dangerous trio has Californians unable to escape unhealthful air and reluctant to leave home.

The hope for relief from smoke-filled skies that weather and air quality forecasters once thought may arrive as the work week began was replaced Monday by the reality that the cloud of soot resulting from fires up and down the West Coast is sticking around at least a few more days.

California’s plight took center stage Monday in the race for the White House as President Donald Trump visited the Golden State in the midst of an epic wildfire season that has ravaged Western states, blaming “forest management” and discarding a warning that a warming planet is making the fires worse. “It will start getting cooler,” […]

A San Francisco startup is matching farmers to distributors to get food to hungry people and reduce greenhouse gases

Elected officials, union leaders, industry representatives and environmentalists are expressing concern about the hundreds of workers set to lose their jobs at California’s fourth-largest refinery in the coming months.

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