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Los Angeles’ housing conundrum – not enough land and not enough money – is a microcosm of California’s housing crisis

Mayor London Breed’s office announced new legislation Monday aimed at building more housing in San Francisco’s outer neighborhoods

SB 4, as amended, Wiener. Planning and zoning: housing development: higher education institutions and religious institutions.

California’s chronic shortage of housing manifests itself in sky-high housing costs, the nation’s worst poverty and its highest level of homelessness. Everyone in California knows, or should know, that the state has an immense shortage of housing that persists despite efforts by its politicians to jump-start construction.

Two California community colleges built housing in the last couple of years, with very different approaches. The projects give a peek at the future of student housing as the state rolls out $500 million in grants to build or expand dorms and apartments on a dozen community college campuses.

Houses with better street design are found to relate to a price premium. Prior studies mainly present the street quality using objective indicators like tree counts and distance to parks with land use data, or most recently using the greenery view index extracted from street view imagery (SVI).

What explains record U.S. house price growth since late 2019? We show that the shift to remote work explains over one half of the 23.8 percent national house price increase over this period. Using variation in remote work exposure across U.S. metropolitan areas we estimate that an additional percentage point of remote work causes a […]

The most significant episode in the assetisation of housing (underpinning its financialisation) is often understood to be the economic restructuring that took place during the 1980s – particularly eregulation of the banking sector and credit liberalisation.

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