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Water & Climate Resiliency

California is prioritizing groundwater recharge, stormwater capture, reservoir storage, water conveyance improvements and ambitious targets to build water resilience. State has committed more than $8.6 billion to build water resilience in the last two budgets and the 2023-24 budget proposal includes an additional $202 million for flood protection.

The Colorado River’s water transformed the Imperial Valley desert into one of California’s most productive farm regions. But now growers will have to sacrifice 10% of their supply because of shortages in the river’s supply.

Growers and Southern California cities that get water from the state aqueduct will receive 30% of their requested allocations. That’s the most in January since 2017, after heavy rains fed the reservoirs.

Despite a federal deadline today, California – the largest user of Colorado River water – has refused to cut back as much as six other states proposed in a new plan today. Imperial valley growers have the most to lose.

A series of storms has dumped immense amounts of water on California, but the state needs some new plumbing to take advantage of such events and counteract the effects of drought.

Water is the source of life and supports the survival of every living thing on earth. Water facilitates hydration to ensure the proper function of bodies and is the necessary solvent for promoting cleanliness inside and outside our bodies and surroundings

December has delivered a powerful punch of storms to California. But the wet weather comes with a dry dose of reality: The state’s largest reservoirs remain badly depleted, projected water deliveries are low, wells are drying up, and the Colorado River’s water, already diminished by a megadrought, is severely overallocated

California’s air board today unanimously approved a sweeping state plan to battle climate change, creating a new blueprint for the next five years to cut carbon emissions, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and speed up the transition to renewable energy

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