SoCal Transformation Database Repository

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The SoCal Transformation Database is a centralized digital repository for the Southern California region to easily access a diverse variety of expert intelligence on areas of pertinence to the long term reinvention of our region post pandemic times. Creative ideas and best practices from both the public and private sectors will be available for free to best prepare our communities to save lives and jobs when the next crisis occurs.

Community groups, businesses, public agencies, schools, economists, and philanthropic organizations may take advantage of the relevant research available on programs, initiatives, articles, white papers, webinars, websites, forums and videos. These resources will make it easier to research, store, display, share and deliver information to civic, academic and economic leaders.

Database Categories

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Building a strong foundation for lasting success and resilience.
Empowering the labor force through innovative solutions.
Reducing poverty and providing shelter and support for homeless individuals.
Bridge the gap: digital inclusion for all.
Building a sustainable future through collective action.
Transportation policies are crucial for the growth of businesses.
Improving healthcare access and quality through telemedicine.
Education is the foundation for a successful future.
Housing market resources.
Breaking the cycle of poverty through equitable social policies.
Enhance your well-being with our top-quality resources.
Preparing for natural disasters and compound hazards: essential resources.
Established legal precedents should guide current judgments.
Powering the future with smart energy infrastructure. 
Ensuring fair competition through effective trade regulations and policies.
Revamping governmental policies to better serve the people's needs. 
Resources regarding communications.
Ensuring reliable supply of essential PPE equipment for your safety.
Basic setup of computers, networks, and software needed to use technology effectively.
Official permissions needed to build and maintain internet networks in an area.
Reducing poverty and providing shelter and support for homeless individuals.     
Ensuring a sustainable water supply and protection against climate impacts.
Key points to keep in mind.  

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